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Lance Lascari Homebrewer

This lovely beer label/caricature was drawn by the one and only Lemon Merchant, Noah Montena . To see his perspective on an interesting period in my life, click on Lance Approved Adventures


To be honest, I haven't brewed any beer since about 1998 -- times and priorities changes 



Aside from time spent with my family (wife Sarah, daughter Natalie, daughter Elizabeth, Maxwell-pug, Franklin-pug, and Rockefeller-pug), I have a few hobbies.....


My premier interest is in electronics, and Ham Radio is the hobby for me. I've been a ham since 1988 when I held the call N3GIA. After moving to the capital district of NY from the suburbs of Philadelphia, I upgraded to KE2NB, then finally to WS2B. I don't get on the air much, but I do enjoy participating in the ARRL sponsored VHF/UHF and above contests during the summer months.  After 2004, I've not been very active in the contests.

For more info on the W2SZ/1 VHF-light contest Team see, the Mount Greylock Expeditionary Force .

 I have taken up gardening (started in 2006) -- and have become an obsessed hot pepper farmer.  In 2006 and 2007 I grew a ton of Chiles, several varieties of Jalapeno, some Cayenne, Thai Hot, Habanero, Tabasco, Serrano, "G76", Poblano, Portugal, etc.  I've taken to drying and freezing the peppers for future use as well as making a number of sauces from them.

More info (primarily professional and relating to my consulting business) can be found starting at